“Say 33”: non need to RIP 1 system and FLIP receptor to alleRgedly avoid ToLLerance

Most intracellular signaling cascades rely on the formation of multiprotein signaling complexes assembled in large protein signaling platforms. Especially in cell death signaling, there is a large variety of these complexes, including the apoptosome, the necrosome, or the death-inducing signaling complex (DISC), to name only a few. During the last years, a number of cellular conditions were identified that lead to the formation of another signaling platform, the so-called ripoptosome. Diverse stimuli such as genotoxic stress, death receptor or Toll-like-receptor (TLR) ligation, or degradation of cellular inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (cIAPs) are able to induce ripoptosome formation. The ripoptosome is tightly regulated by cIAPs that control intracellular RIP1 assembly and the association with other cell death-regulating proteins, most likely by ubiquitin linkage. The suppression of cIAP activity results in accumulation of RIP1 platforms that ultimately triggers necroptosis by activation of RIP3-MLKL-dependent necrosis signaling pathways. https://www.medicomunicare.it/2021/09/17/say-33-non-need-to-rip-1-system-and-flip-receptor-to-allergedly-avoid-tollerance/