Roberta Di Laura


Prestigious performance by Roberta Di Laura’s students in Italy

On Sunday 26th September eight students from Tanzschule Chiara Matt (Stuttgart) directed by the teacher Roberta Di Laura, famous ballet dancer from Italy and very appreciated dance teacher in Germany, will perform in the prestigious setting of the Ambasciatori Hotel in Rimini during "International Universum Woman Prize“ organised by the Universum International Academy. Antonija Doslov, Aurélie Jens, Amélie Jens, Ellyn Kaiser, Olivia Kaiser, Katerina Kotari, Anastasia Kotari and Johanna Wichmann, These are the names of the selected students who will perform in front of a prestigious audience from all over the worls and receiving a special award at the end of the event. The young dancers from Germany have been studying with Roberta for a long time, some of them have already obtained the prestigious "International Certificate of Dance Studies" and they are constantly involved in performances and projects of considerable importance. On the same occasion, the dance teacher Roberta... Continua a leggere